Product Series
Stainless steel wire gate valve

Main features

The opening and closing member of the stainless steel wire gate valve is a plug-shaped valve flap having a flat or tapered surface, and the valve flap moves linearly along the center line of the fluid. The movement form of the valve stem has a lifting rod type (the valve stem is lifted and lowered, the hand wheel does not move up and down), and there is also a lifting rotary rod type (the hand wheel and the valve stem rotate together and the nut is set on the valve body). The tube stop valve is only suitable for full opening and full closing, and adjustment and throttling are not allowed.

Design Features

The structure is simple, and the manufacturing and maintenance are convenient.

The working stroke is small and the opening and closing time is short.

The sealing performance is good, the friction between the sealing surfaces is small, and the service life is long.

Product Range

Valve body material: stainless steel

Caliber: 1/2"~3" (DN15~DN80)

Connection method: BSP, BSPT, NPT

Pressure range: 200WOG

Operating temperature: -46°C - +180°C

Mode of operation: hand wheel

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