Product Series
3PC carbon steel ball valve

Main features

The three-piece carbon steel ball valve is divided into butt welding (BW) socket welding (SW), and the valve body casting adopts the advanced technology introduced by Taiwan, with reasonable structure and beautiful appearance. The valve seat adopts elastic sealing structure, which is reliable in sealing and easy to open and close. The valve stem adopts a bottom-mounted structure with an inverted seal. When the valve cavity is abnormally boosted, the valve stem will not be flushed out. Both can be equipped with international standard ISO bracket platform and locking device. It can be set with 90° switch positioning mechanism, and can be locked according to need to prevent misoperation. Drive mode: manual, electric and pneumatic.

Design standards

Design standards:ASME B16.34

Connection standard: ASME B16.25 & DIN3239part1

ASME B16.11 & DIN3239part2

Test and inspection: API 598

Performance specification

Nominal pressure:1000PSI,2000PSI

Strength test: 10.4, 20.7Mpa

Seal test: 7.6, 15.2Mpa

Gas seal test: 0.6Mpa

Nominal size: DN6-DN100 (1/4~4")

Valve main valve body material: CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, WCB, WCC, A105, LF2, LCB, LCC

Applicable medium: water, oil, gas, chemical, power station, etc.

Applicable temperature: -29 ° C ~ 425 ° C

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